In the United States, private practice physicians have been the backbone of medical care. Built around the sacred patient-physician relationship, private practice physicians provide the service; innovation and caring that have been the hallmark of the very best of health care. The very essence of this relationship is being challenged by the weight of a national healthcare cost that surpassed $2.7 trillion in 2011, and continues to grow at a rate of over three percent. Employers, insurance payers, and governmental entitlement programs are driving healthcare financing reform, while others are implementing care integration and waste reduction. Currently, hospitals are buying physician practices and attempting to control costs by aggregating physicians, hospitals, and other affiliated services. This vertical integration will result in directly restricting physician choices, jeopardizing the trust of the patient-physician relationship and ultimately, patient health.

Recognizing the challenges set forth by the current political system and the faulty notion that private practice is becoming extinct, we formed Pacific Private Practice Network—P3N.

Pacific Private Practice Network is a privately held company and independently owned by physicians. P3N is not an IPA, MSO, or foundation model. We are creating a new model that honors the patient-physician relationship. We are focused on helping physicians stay independent. It is our goal to secure physicians' private practices and to provide an alternative solution so physicians can remain in control of their practices and provide quality care to their patients.

Pacific Private Practice Network achieves our goals by harvesting the power of the community care model to improve the patient healthcare experience and to provide a sustainable and prosperous vehicle for private medical practices. Cost management will come from improving the system, not from denying needed care or direct patient services. We propose building a more efficient and effective integrated system that shares patient data to reduce waste and redundancy. This will result in our physicians providing timely care through access, limiting administrative expenses, and offering patients care options. It has always been true that physicians, not businessmen or health system executives, know what is best for their patients.

Pacific Private Practice Network will offer expertise and a united voice in attaining and maintaining practice security. We have a strong physician network and alignment with affiliated health service providers. We will find new revenue streams and build a platform for physicians to improve care coordination while maintaining our separate businesses and restore the sacred trust between the patient and physician.


Patricia Ahearn M.D.
Judy Bourget M.D.
Warner Carr M.D.
William Chang D.O.
Michael Rovzar M.D.