Global Health Program

Access to Healthcare Across the Globe

The Pacific Private Practice Network is proud to offer a Global Health Program that decreases the barriers of healthcare and offers compassionate, exceptional, healthcare throughout the world.

What Makes This Possible

Telehealth Studio

  • Ultra high speed internet connection
  • High definition video and audio
  • Digital medical image display
  • Diagnostic tools, including digital stethoscope, ophthalmoscope, otoscope and ultrasound

Trained Medical Certified Translation Staff

  • Accurate and informative visits
  • Educated medical professionals on sensitive cultural issues
  • Respect and privacy for all patients
  • High level of proficiency in multiple languages

Dedicated Physician Support

  • Scheduling
  • Dictation
  • Translation
  • Reporting

Telemedicine Insurance Coverage

  • Peace of mind
  • Financial benefits
  • The ability to expand your practice digitally
  • Less physical boundaries

Global Partnership

P3N Global Program is partnered with China’s largest O2O online to offline international cross-border care & Telehealth platform.

Telemedicine Collaboration

  1. Real time video collaboration with Chinese physicians and their patients.

Cross-border Care

  1. Care coordination and non-clinical concierge services to medical tourists.

Second Option Chart Review

  1. A written second opinion to Chinese patients and their local attending physicians.

International Exchange

  1. Live academic case studies and discussions with 3A hospitals in China.
  2. Host overseas doctors on observation/scholar visiting exchange programs.
  3. Invitation to present in top medical conferences throughout China.
  4. Q&A education interviews online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pacific Private Practice Network Global Health Program?

The Global Health Program is an exciting initiative within the P3N Network whereby we provide telemedicine consults as well as host patients here in the US who are seeking our expertise to receive health care they cannot otherwise get in their country.

Are we required as members of P3N to join global?

Your P3N Membership enables you to enroll in the Global Program but it not required. Over 25% of the current 230 P3N physicians are actively enrolled. The decision is up to you.

Does it cost anything if I enroll in the Global Health Program?

There is no additional cost to join the P3N Global Health Program.

How do you select which doctors will consult with the patients?

All enrolled P3N Physicians will be listed as available for consults. We work with our intermediaries to determine which doctors will be consulted based on the diagnoses of the patients.

How long is the commitment to participate in Global?

There is no specific timeline to participate in the P3N Global Program. It is elective and you can join at any time.

How do you get the patients?

We work with our partners to identify patients globally that are looking for care they cannot receive in their own country and seek the expertise within our P3N Network. Currently we are working with Healthcom to provide healthcare to patients in China seeking expertise and care that is unavailable to them in China.

What will I be paid?

We negotiate a fee schedule depending upon what services are rendered, who is involved and the diagnosis of the patient. From consult to continuum of care each case is individual and is customized as needed. There are basic fees generated for your consults and if the patient elects to seek you services and retain you we have a customized contracting process.

What expertise are you looking for?

The expertise we are seeking is yours! We are fortunate that our P3N Network has some 200 Physicians that represent every level of care from Primary Care to highly sought after specialty and subspecialties alike so our Network knows no bounds. The strength of the P3N network is in our ability to match the needs of the Global patients with the expertise of physicians. We need primary care and sub-specialists as well. If you have particular expertise within your background please let us know so we can add it to your P3N profile.

How does the telemedicine consult work?

The telemedicine consult is actually very simple. Using a telemedicine platform you are able to see and talk directly with the patient. A certified medical translator is provided for you and sits beside you to communicate with the patient. Currently telemedicine consults are conducted in our studio at the P3N Office in San Juan Capistrano. Fortunately with the time difference in China we often hold consults at the end of the US business day which is morning for the Chinese patients. There it total flexibility in the scheduling and we work directly with you as needed.

What if I or my staff has questions who should be contact?

If you or a staff member have questions please contact Dr William Chang at 949-419-5206.