Managed by Sanctus Healthcare

Dedicated to Promoting Lifestyle Change and Collaborative Care

The Problem

The US spends $3.7 trillion a year, or 18% of the US economy, struggling to keep up with an aging population, and the challenge of improving quality care while facing a serious physician shortage. Furthermore, patient care requires a physician order creating a potential bottleneck to timely care.

With these growing concerns, telehealth providers enhance access and deliver more efficient care delivery. Physician-supervised collaborative care expands the professional care team who are empowered to prescribe and treat patients under collaborative care agreements with physician practices. By directly including the primary physician within a collaborative telehealth engagement model, they are better equipped to intervene in a timely manner, and effect greater outcomes with their patients.

Our Solution

The foundation of our business is a physician-lead and supervised patient engagement experience guided by data that addresses clinical, behavioral, and social determinants. We control costs by reducing disease-specific exacerbations thus preventing emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions. Our data strategy is used to identify and predict which patients are high risk or in danger of becoming high risk. We provide these patients regularly scheduled mentoring with our health coaching team to develop and target self-identified healthcare goals, identify barriers to care, track progress, and offer a virtual collaborative care team that promotes and reinforces a wholistic healthcare plan.

The Value

Influencing patient behavior promotes lifestyle change leading to improved clinical outcomes for patients and healthcare value for payors. Telehealth coaching and collaborative care create an opportunity for structured engagement supported by technology and data to promote and reinforce positive behavior choices. Collaborative care empowers licensed professional such as Health Coaches, Behavioral Care Managers, and Pharmacists, working under the direct supervision of a physician, to provide timely care management and treatment in patients with chronic conditions.

How Are We Different?

We create a care team supporting high risk patients and their caregivers coordinated by the primary physician who is directly responsible for patient care. We provide real time monitoring using biometric devices and a bidirectional communication interface between patients, caregivers, and their physicians. Our coaching approach is built around the principles of behavioral science that creates a conducive environment for change and is refined around descriptive data to continually influence health coaching interaction and communication. Under the guidance of collaborative care agreements, our Health Coaches are empowered to treat patients within their scope of practice under the direct supervision of physicians.

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