Clinical and Financial

At P3N, we understand the importance of harnessing the power of data for practices, and the benefits it can bring. Our innovative data extraction tools and analysis unlocks the power of data to drive both clinical and financial results. practices organize and analyze their data in an efficient way, uncovering financial opportunities that were previously hidden while reducing administrative burden.

Our powerful analytics and actionable insights can provide practices with the information they need to make data-driven decisions and take actions that will improve their performance.

Our detailed analysis of patient data can help providers

Let us help your business harness the power of data and capitalize on new opportunities. Our data analysis services will provide you with the tools and insights needed to make data-driven decisions and improve your bottom line.

The Problem

Successfully navigating healthcare transformation requires intelligence. Gathering Data becomes the fundamental step towards creating actionable information. For the average practice building and maintaining an analytics competency is costly both in terms of time and investment. It is not feasible for even the most sophisticated practices to fully develop a focused approach dedicated to supporting the needs of private practice. Without data, the practice misses opportunities for meaningful patient interactions and runs the risk of missing incentives and jeopardizing revenues.

Meaningful patient interactions

Risk of missing incentives

Jeopardizing revenues

Our Solutions

P3N offers a comprehensive solution that helps healthcare providers make important clinical and business decisions in an environment of shifting payments from fee-for-service to value-based care. Our clinical analytics provide knowledge designed to pick up gaps in care and present opportunities to intervene before patients experience problems. In partnership with Provider 1st, we use their platform to enable practices the opportunity to execute the identification, tracking, capture and completion of all financial incentives hidden within the EHR regardless of payer.

Knowledge designed

Identification of Financial Incentives

Important Clinical & Business decisions

The Value

P3N provides the experience, the infrastructure and the economy of scale necessary to deploy an affordable analytics solution. Clinical data identifies patients with chronic conditions at high risk, or likely to become high risk while our dashboard captures the business insights highlighting the financial potential of the practice.

How Are We Different?

P3N uses the power of data analytics to combine a strategy incorporating information extracted from clinical and financial data sets to impact clinical outcomes and financial results. This holistic approach guides sound decision making at the bedside and highlights the financial potential of the practice to make .

Clinical Use Cases: P3N connects to multiple data sets including Claims, Electronic Medical Record, social determinant, patient reported outcomes, and Health Coaching data. We are building proprietary data algorithms to interrelate diverse data sets to define relevant associations in populations especially:

Business Use Case: Connect to Electronic Medical Record and billing systems correlating contractual agreements to identify all possible financial incentives across all payer type. We create a dashboard to highlight clinical and financial opportunities. Our results: